A Ghost Story


Glenn Hyder

We’ve all heard stories about haunted houses.  But, have you ever heard about a haunted car?  Other than Stephen Kings’ “Christine”, neither had I, that is until I took part in a paranormal investigation.

In the 2011 Halloween Issue of the Stigler News-Sentinel I had written a story titled “ A Most Unfortunate Family”. The story featured a family plagued by hauntings that had followed them through out their lives, until finally they had settled into a new home that appeared at first to be somewhat normal.In time it became apparent to the family that their home was anything but normal. First shadow people were seen slinking about. That was unnerving enough, but the shadow people were followed by ever escalating poltergeist activity. The poltergeist activity started with the disappearance of various items, only to have them reappear days or even months later in places that were most inappropriate.  There were even cases where the startled family watched the youngest son’s toys moving on their own.  The family had enough.

The family called in a paranormal investigative team to determine if there were indeed “ghosts” haunting their house.  They were not the “Ghost Busters” but the paranormal investigators came equipped with all the gadgets we view with awe on the myriad of cable TV ghost hunting shows.  I was new to all this, as this was my first investigation, but I was eager to learn.  I saw infrared and night vision cameras in use.  I witnessed the operation of a recorder that is used to record ghost voices from beyond.  That device is called an EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomena recorder.  The device that had the most impact on me was the EMF meter which measures the fluctuations in electromagnet fields.  Ghosts will sometimes activate the meter when asked questions.

Several team members had gathered in a back bedroom as I tried my hand using the meter.  There was activity on the meter which suggested that there was an entity in the room.  I asked simple yes and no questions inquiring if the ghost was male or female.  One burst of energy recorded on the meter would indicate that it was a male.  Two times it would be a female.  My question produced two hits on the meter.  “it’s a girl!”, I exclaimed.  As we were leaving the room the meter was going wild and it continued to do so until we exited the bedroom.  I said to the investigator closest to me that she was following me.  He just laughed.

It must have been sometime after midnight when we wrapped up the investigation.  As I was getting into my car I got a strong whiff of perfume.  I was puzzled, none of the women on the team had been near my car, besides I couldn’t recall any of them wearing perfume.  Strange!

The next morning I went to my car to retrieve my camera.  I could detect the faint scent of perfume.  It wasn’t as strong as the night before, but it was there, it was still there!  I took the camera into the house where I discovered that the new batteries I had loaded in it the day before were completely dead.  Strange!

I wanted to investigate the strange goings on and went back to the car with a tape recorder in hand.  The investigation was simple.  It went something like this, with the recorder running I asked, “Who are you?   Who’s riding with me?”  I was shocked at what I heard on the play back.  In a whispery, young female voice I heard, “Amy.”  Amy. So my traveling companion was Amy.

Riding around town with Amy was something of a novelty  until things, electrical things, expensive things, began going out on my car.  First it was the battery, a battery only a few months old.  Next it was the starter, followed by one of the motors for the power windows.  Then there were two sensors.  All electrical, as were the batteries in my camera.  Could it be Amy?

I guess I’ll never know.  There has been no sign of Amy since my last repair.  I think maybe she took a liking to one of the young guys at the shop.  Dumped by a ghost!  I’ve never had any luck with women.  I guess it’s all for the best.  I no longer find myself with expensive auto repairs and I must admit I feel somewhat relieved that Amy is no longer riding with me.  I feel that way because I was always afraid that Amy would cause me to get a ticket, for you see, Amy never wore her seat belt!