How It All Began


Glenn Hyder

When I was a little boy my parents bought me and my siblings a set of World Book “Child Craft” books that were tailored to young minds.  The set covered a myriad of subjects including one on mysteries.  In that volume two articles stimulated my inquisitive mind.  Those articles were about the Loch Ness Monster and the Yeti.  I was hooked, I had become a junior cryptozoologist, even though at that age I did not have a clue what a cryptozoologist was.

 My father was a devoted follower of Walter Cronkite and the CBS Evening news.  I was watching the news with my father one evening in 1967 when my enthusiasm to know the answers to all things unknown shifted into hyper drive.  There on the small screen I watched a hair covered humanoid figure walk down a northern California creek bed.  I could not believe what I was seeing.  I was watching what could only be described as our very own Yeti.

That fateful evening spent with Walter and what would become known as “Patty”, sent me into a frenzy to learn as much as possible about the hairy humanoid.  But, alas, at that time there was precious little in the way of information available on the subject.  I was an avid reader and would pour over the paper back book racks at the neighborhood drug store.  One day I ran across a book with the now famous picture of Patty looking over her shoulder on the cover.  I bought it  and spent hours scouring the pages becoming a self professed expert on the 1958 exploits of Jerry Crew and his discovery of giant human looking foot prints at Bluff Creek, California and the subsequent coining of the term “Bigfoot”.

That was the beginning of my fascination with the phenomenon of Bigfoot.  But, that fascination waned with the passing of time.  After college there was working abroad, followed by marriage and a family.  My mind was on everything except Bigfoot.  That is until now.  Once satisfied with being a curious observer of Bigfoot, I now find myself on the front lines in the search for the elusive hairy creature.  That is due to my moving to a secluded corner of the world known as southeastern Oklahoma.  Why did I become so involved?  It was because I found Bigfoot in my own back yard!

To be continued…